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htownhoes's Journal

houston hardcore hoes
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the houston hardcore hoes and their crew, represent
...of death, alcohol, andrew and joey, as the sun sets, austin and houston, being hardcore, being hoes, being hot, being online, being seen being scene, bmx, booking like whatev, boys in tight pants, bravo! black knight, bucky, chinese food, chugging 40s, daughters, dirtwolf!, double dagger, el j, filmed sex, hands up houston, having sex, hhh, hot tubs and movies, houston hardcore hoes, htown hoes, i! shoot lightning!, killbmx, lovelostbutnotforgotten, making out, mike and keith, modfag ryan, mohinder, no one named austen, not being serious, our faces, pissing people off, pornos, robots, ryan "charvanez", sex with hot boys, slutting up the scene, supporting local bands, talking shit, teenage film stars, the blood brothers, the funeral bird, the guitarist of daughters, the jonathan, the locust, touching our breasts, webcam pictures, worshipping nate