Frika (dutchmafia) wrote in htownhoes,

any CODES?

Does anyone have a code they'd be willing to give to me? it'd be much appreciated!
just comment if you have one and i'll find a way to contact you. maybe e-mail or aim or something or other.
Thanks people! i'd love it a lot.
and then i'd love you.
and frika would love you. and it doesn't get much better than that!
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I added you cause i need friends! I hope you don't mind. Add me if you like. :oP
haha. you added the community but that works too. you can be a houston hoe! haha. silly.
Fuck. See. I have no idea what im doing. Im just trying to get people to read my posts and comment on my entries as well... Bah! haha
well i'll add you myself anyways. no worries.
Thank you! Now im a true HoustonHoe! Yessssss. Always what i dreamt of being one day. I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, and Biggie Smalls up above. HAHA
you are not a houston hardcore hoe.
Yeah, no shit... I'm from CA, but the maker of this page welcomed me to join... That post is so old. I'm surprised someone is cranky enough on Thanksgiving to point someone out like you did... And just so you know, i deleted this community from my "friends" anyway. You can have it all to yourself now... Texas Hardcore... Gimme a break.
uhgirl. you are the one freaking out.
Girl? I'm a guy... I've played Texas before and believe it or not, i've heard plenty of well-known bands talk shit about the scene there. Nothing to be proud of... Take care.
hahah GOD i know you'er a guy. get a sense of humour. and if you knew anything you'd know this ocmmunity is a joke. DUH>
i have a code
contact me